Dragan Babic is a consultant & a fractional design leader.

Helping great companies make great stuff since 2004.
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As a design generalist, I’ve spent the majority of my career thinking I had to be a designer in order to participate in design. 

So, I am a designer. Sort of… If I really had to explain what I do, I’d say I help people make things. My interests and specialties mostly lay in parts of design which are traditionally not considered to be a part of Design.

I’ve always considered “making it work whatever happens” the primary responsibility of any designer. This is why my focus was never limited to creative production, and I always sought out ways outside of what is traditionally considered design to increase the chance of success for the projects I’ve been a part of. This has lead me to digital products which I still consider myself a designer of. 

At one point in my career I’ve turned a corner and realized that I should shift focus from improving my own design skills, towards enabling others to hone theirs, and work better with each other.

I have always been obsessed with cultivating creative cultures, and creating workplaces which attract amazing people.

These days I am doing business development at Superawesome—a digital product design agency I originally founded back in 2007—but it's the first 10+ years of my tenure there which has enabled me to work hands-on with a huge number of people both as an individual contributor, as well as a leader.

I am using this experience to continue to help people and organizations to understand design as an asset, and to be able to work with design professionals smoothly. 


Establishing design

Because you need to kick-start, or scale design within your organization.
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Fractional design leadership

Because your design department is not a team, but a group of individuals.
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Project discovery

Because you have a hard time figuring out, framing, and explaining projects and initiatives.
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Some of the things I can do for you…

    Lead your design teams in the capacity of senior/lead/CDO.
    Support you and your teams on your path from 0 → 1 product.
    Help you figure out your brand.
    Help you figure out your product and marketing strategies.
    Make your design teams work better with engineering.
    Help your designers be better at their jobs.
    Help your organization attract and retain creative talent.
Let's Work Together

For the past 15+ years I have worked as an individual contributor, as well as a design leader, and often both.

In terms of design leadership style, I consider myself to be a supporting agent to the organization I am helping. I can help managers and individual contributors make decisions, work through problems, or avoid them altogether. 

Growing product design

When I founded Superawesome in 2007 we called it Web design. Now, we are one of the top product design agencies in the region with a tried and tested method for designing digital products.
Design operations

Design staff augmentation

At one point it was sink or swim for us, and the standard vendor-client model wasn't working anymore. I’ve steered Superawesome back into profitability by implementing a staff augmentation model.
Biz dev


Even though I don’t act as an individual contributor at Superawesome anymore, I do my best to support our people through experience, and by providing necessary guidance.
Design leadership


As a part of a three-person team I’ve helped to conceptualize, and design a consumer iOS application for taking photos automatically based on pre-defined poses, without needing to press the shutter button. A true point-and-shoot. Available in 2024.

Product design
product strategy
autophoto iphone app

New product strategy for collaboration SaaS.

I've helped a maker of renowned productivity software to overcome an identity crisis, and reimagine how and where their product fits in today's market by creating their new product strategy as a 5 year realignment plan, as well as guidelines and copywriting for their new marketing website.

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Design leadership
Design strategy

Figuring out tech for fashion.

The fashion industry is a technologically-challenged one. I’ve helped the client navigate the complex world of non-standardized processes, and difficult paths to change by being their entire design department before they found product-market fit.

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Product design

UX design & design ops for PLM & MRP SaaS

Designing the right thing, and then designing that thing right are integral parts of the digital product design process. Facilitating that work is an often overlooked effort, which when absent has the potential to wreck teams and destroy products.
Design leadership
Design operations
Product design

Trailblazing new interfaces for CI

I’ve helped a continuous integration company pioneer the market by designing the entire UX of their initial product offering, as well as designing a couple of their marketing websites. 
Product design

This website has a blog.

Remember these? In the spirit of taking control over my own content I have decided to host everything on this website from now on.

I still interact with people on social media, but I prefer to host the content I create in a single location which is fully under my control.

If you happen to read something you like, please feel free to share it with your nook of the internet. Thank you!

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