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My name is Dragan Babic, and I am a designer. Sort of… To be honest, if I really had to explain what I do, I’d say I help people make things. I’ve spent the majority of my career thinking I needed to be a designer in order to participate in design and sit with the cool kids. I’ve since realized I'm better off shifting my focus from improving my own design skills towards enabling others to practice theirs. These days I do still consider myself a designer, although a different kind of one. My interests lay in areas such as design systems and operations, design leadership, service design, digital product design, and user experience in and outside of digital products. In case it’s not blatantly obvious by now, my focus is set on the parts of the design practice traditionally not considered to be “design”. 

Previous experience.

I’ve always considered “making it work whatever happens” the primary responsibility of any digital product designer, or a company founder for that matter. This is why my focus was never limited to creative production, and I always sought out ways outside of what is traditionally considered design to increase the chance of success for the projects I’ve been a part of.

Figuring out tech for fashion

The fashion industry is a technologically-challenged one. I’ve helped the client navigate the complex world of non-standardized processes, and difficult paths to change by being their entire design department before they found product-market fit.

UX design & design ops for PLM & MRP SaaS

Designing the right thing, and then designing that thing right are integral parts of the digital product design process. Facilitating that work is an often overlooked effort, which when absent has the potential to wreck teams and destroy products.

Design leadership for children’s furniture maker

Traditional businesses today are faced with a daunting task, which is to adapt to a new way of catering to their customers through digital products and interfaces. Forming and retaining productive and efficient creative and tech teams is a significant challenge which I helped them overcome.

From pivot to pivot

While working with a startup with an ambition to create the best possible relationship graph, I’ve helped them evolve on their road to market from an outdated MVP-type product, to a fully fledged advertising network.

Trailblazing new interfaces for CI

I’ve helped a continuous integration startup pioneer the market by designing the entire UX of their initial product offering, as well as designing a couple of their marketing websites.
Zalet podcast
My friend Arsenije and I are running a podcast on digital product design called Zalet, with the aim to spread the word about the importance of crafting software thoughtfully, and learning from the community along the way. Check it out

Let’s work together.

At the moment I am a partner at Superawesome, a design agency I founded back in 2007. Nevertheless I still enjoy working with different people and organizations, and exploring how I can help them find success either through design, or by sharing my learnings as a company founder.
Areas where I can be of help:
Is your traditional organization having problems leveraging design and technology to its advantage?
Are you not able to grow and nurture design within your organization?
Are you a designer who is in constant conflict with people who “just don’t fucking get it”?
Are you struggling with building a company culture, and have a high employee turnover?
Do you feel like you're alone in your journey, and have no one to confide in, and ask for guidance?
Are you stuck in the no-man's-land of being a group working together, but you're not really a company?
I am available for consultancy and mentorship opportunities, and open for pro-bono engagements for students and non-profits.