Dragan Babic is a product designer and founder of Superawesome.

A photo of Dragan
Being a designer, and a partner in a design studio means I spend every day switching from the two contexts of individual contribution on one side, and mentorship / management / bizdev, on the other.

If I had to simplify what I do, I’d say I help people make stuff.

Having been a part of many projects — be it as a designer, a developer, and even as a founder — has given me a tremendously valuable vantage point towards digital product design and management.

This enables me to understand the needs of stakeholders I work with more clearly, communicate more effectively across teams, and take products through creation, adoption, and ongoing optimization and development.
Place of residence: 

Novi Sad, Serbia.

Digital product design, UI design, UX design, people. 
Years of experience: 

16 and counting.


Opening up a skate shop in 2000 without any prior work experience at all, or an idea about how to manage supply or turn a profit.

Being headhunted by Facebook for a job before it was a huge evil company (I didn’t get it).

Founding a digital product design studio, humbly naming it “Superawesome”, and somehow keeping it afloat ever since 2007.

Funding and building a digital product people were willing to pay for. It was a freelancer's CRM/gig management tool called Funnel, and later sold it.

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All content by Dragan Babic. Portrait photo by Andrija Kovač