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Dragan is a digital product designer & founder of Superawesome.

Having been a part of many projects — be it as a designer, a developer, and even as a founder — has given me a tremendously valuable vantage point in the process of creating digital products from which I can make decisions, and advise. This enables me to understand the needs of stakeholders I work with more clearly, communicate more effectively across teams, and take products through creation, adoption, and ongoing optimization and development.

If I had to simplify what I do, I’d say I help people make things.

I started off my career around 2004 as a front-end developer going all out on HTML and CSS. Since I was freelancing I needed to be able to make entire websites by myself so I got into web design. Previously design was nothing more than a hobby, designing stickers and t-shirts for my skate shop and imaginary clothing brand.

I founded Superawesome in 2007 and by then I was getting more and more into the design stuff, and less in tech stuff. The company went from a one-man-show, to a two-guy operation, until it grew into what it is today in the most roundabout way possible.

These days I still consider myself a designer, although a different kind of one. My interests lay in systems design, service design, digital product design, user experience, and the like. In case it’s not blatantly evident my focus is set on the parts of the design process which are not traditionally considered “design”, i.e. are not visual and graphic.

Today my contributions are spread throughout the following roles.


I am inventing and implementing processes so that Superawesome's design teams run as efficiently as possible and that they actually work together as teams, not just individuals doing their own thing in a group.

First and foremost this means enabling people to improve themselves and creating a safe space for them to do so. In addition to that, I'm championing and implementing design systems, and systematic approach to design, mentoring others, and providing opportunities for personal growth.


Having been the CEO of Superawesome for 12 years, in 2020 I’ve stepped down from the position in order to make my unique contributions to our organization as impactful as possible.

I’m mostly trying to figure out where Superawesome should be In 1–5 years from now, keeping the hand on the pulse of the industry, and communicating that back to the partners so we can execute appropriately.

I’m supporting our designers in their work on our brand and image, providing guidance in regards to how other people think of Superawesome as a company which directly impacts my work towards generating new business opportunities and clients.

Digital Product

I am providing the connection between our customers and the goals of their business on one hand, and design and development on the other, while at the same time making sure that the end-users' needs are being met.

My touch points within the projects are in making decisions and providing advisory regarding what should be built alongside stakeholders (making sure to build the right thing), as well as providing feedback to and enabling the implementation teams to deliver their work as efficiently as possible (making sure to build things right), and that the whole effort comes out as a system in the end, rather than a disconnected deliverable.

This in and of itself means that there's no room for my role in a lot of projects, and that's by design as the goal is to be impactful rather than productive or efficient.

The wonderful sport of road cycling allows me to explore places I otherwise wouldn’t have, and even provide me with an entire new appreciation of the ones I thought I knew.
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Out of many project’s I've taken part in, these are the ones I feel I've made the biggest contributions to as a designer.

Helped Cacotec introduce a suite of disruptive digital tools, and new technologies to the fashion industry.
Lead the product and UX design of Promonaut through their product-market fit journey.
Lead UX and UI design of SemaphoreCI while they were defining the continuous integration SaaS market.
Shaped Aligni into one of the most user-friendly PLM/MRP products on the market today.
All work mentioned here was performed under Superawesome. 
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