Project discovery

Because you are having a hard time framing design projects, and talking to designers.

Most often the main culprit for creative-stakeholder animosity lies in bad communication.

This malpractice often originates at the start of the relationship where the stakeholder is trying to describe the project as best as possible, while the designers are doing mental gymnastics trying to understand this whole new problem space you are talking about.

The problem is, stakeholders are rarely good at explaining—or better say pitching—design problems. They speak a language creatives often don't understand, and more likely creatives lack the depth of understanding the problem space at that point in time, in order to have productive conversations with the stakeholders.

I will help you put together documentation in the form of creative briefs which you will be able to hand off to your in-house team, agencies, and freelancers, which become the single source of truth for facilitating the understanding of the project at hand.

Additionally, I will help you facilitate this process as your designer-on-the-inside by helping you understand creatives and vendors during this sensitive phase of the project.

Digital products 

You can't expect someone to start designing a product off of an idea you communicate over a call. And you don't want to, believe me! I will conduct a product discovery workshop which will produce a set of documents instrumental for sharing knowledge about the product. 


It's just a website! How hard can it be, right? Wrong… I see people over, and over again jumping into website projects with surface-level knowledge, blurry requirements, and non-existing content. Set yourself up for success by hiring me to create you a proper design brief. 


It's difficult for non-creatives to talk to designers on the esotheric topics of branding. I will be your translator in this process, and help you work with your in-house team, or a vendor on a brand for your product, or company. 

Does this make sense?

I’d love to see if there’s a way for us to work together.
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In order to make it easier for people to determine whether I would be a good addition to their organization, I’ve defined a couple of areas people usually need help with, and framed them as services I’ve described as best as possible. Maybe you can recognize your pain point.

Product guidance

Support for product development teams and stakeholders. If you don't have designers on board, you need this. 
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Design leadership

Functional teams rarely form spontaneously, and need just the right dose of leadership to enable growth in the right direction.
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Project discovery

Because you have a hard time figuring out, framing, and explaining projects to colleagues, stakeholders, and vendors.
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