Design leadership

Just the right dose of leadership to enable growth.

There is a world of difference between a bunch of individuals working on tasks, and a team working collaboratively, effectively communicating with stakeholders, and working across teams and departments in order to deliver the best possible results.

It is very rare to see a team form spontaneously, it usually takes some effort in the form of just the right dose of leadership. And make no mistake, a design leader is not a manager, but a person with an abundance of experience and the capacity to define and drive the value of design within an organization.

If you can’t allocate a leader among your designers, I will act as a fractional* design leader for your staff.

This role will have me working with your staff temporary, or part-time—hence “fractional”—in order to create a best possible environment for them to thrive in, and with you in order to make that happen within your boundaries, and requirements.

Designing with cause

What you often hear is “design wants a seat at the table”. What they actually mean is “designers feel like tools, rather than contributors”. I will champion design within your organization, and educate both designers and stakeholders on the impact of design in the right environments. 


Everyone needs help, or at least someone to talk to about things they don't have a chance to talk about. I will support your designers on their professional journey in every way I can. 


It's important to know your strengths, as well as your weaknesses. I advise designers on the direction they should develop in depending on their current skills, and their ambitions within their current environment. 

Continuous learning

In creative professions you never stop developing yourself. As a design generalist I can provide guidance on both soft and hard skills your team can acquire in order to better serve your organization. 

Growth paths

People have different expectations out of their jobs, and not every designer wants to eventually become a manager. I will make sure that your organization is set to support the right people in the right ways for them, so they can be of best use to your company. 


Not all creative work is executive, and task oriented. At least it shouldn't be. I will make sure to create a safe space for your creative team to innovate freely, but within the interest of your company. 

Does this make sense?

I’d love to see if there’s a way for us to work together.
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In order to make it easier for people to determine whether I would be a good addition to their organization, I’ve defined a couple of areas people usually need help with, and framed them as services I’ve described as best as possible. Maybe you can recognize your pain point.

Product guidance

Support for product development teams and stakeholders. If you don't have designers on board, you need this. 
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Design leadership

Functional teams rarely form spontaneously, and need just the right dose of leadership to enable growth in the right direction.
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Project discovery

Because you have a hard time figuring out, framing, and explaining projects to colleagues, stakeholders, and vendors.
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