Product guidance

Product development teams without designers, getting the support they need.

Not all product teams can afford product designers. Not all product teams need product designers.

This is somewhat of a controversial statement coming from a designer, but I truly believe that a capable group consisting of developers and product managers can create amazing digital products on their own.

Not everything needs to start with design. Sometimes all a team needs is just the right dose of design.

This service is aimed at these teams, ones that can make it on their own most of the time, but not all the time.

There will be times when you will be so deep into a problem you will not be able to see the solution even if it were right in front of you. Other times you will need an expertise you just can't continue without. And sometimes you simply will not know what to do, and will need guidance, or advisory.

If you are making a digital product without a designer, I'm your guy.

Get an expert's opinion

It's really convenient to have someone to consult with regarding the specifics of user experience, product functionality, or even marketing. 

Get out of a rut

Resolve differences in opinions, and make better decisions. Hardly anything beats a set of fresh eyes set on a burning issue. 

Upskill your team

Not all developers have that product sense, but it can be learned, and a developer with the ability of product thinking is an amazing asset to any team. 

Does this make sense?

I’d love to see if there’s a way for us to work together.
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In order to make it easier for people to determine whether I would be a good addition to their organization, I’ve defined a couple of areas people usually need help with, and framed them as services I’ve described as best as possible. Maybe you can recognize your pain point.

Product guidance

Support for product development teams and stakeholders. If you don't have designers on board, you need this. 
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Design leadership

Functional teams rarely form spontaneously, and need just the right dose of leadership to enable growth in the right direction.
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Project discovery

Because you have a hard time figuring out, framing, and explaining projects to colleagues, stakeholders, and vendors.
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