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The problem with the first idea

The first idea is just that — first idea. Almost a gut reaction to the problem. Yet we often treat it as the final one. We stick to that one — first thought — give it a lot of love, refine it, nurture it and defend it. Until it proves to be wrong. And we get frustrated.

Janko speaking the truth. And it only makes sense, because if you limit yourself to a single way of solving a design problem, it’s going to be precious to you, and if it turns out to not work so well you’re going to have to go back and come up with another one. To some this may not be an issue, but to a lot of us it’s a psychological step back, an admittance to defeat even.

As the years pass I am more and more convinced that starting lo-fi and exploring many directions is the way to go. Not only do you get the benefit of being able to compare different solutions to a problem, but the client management ends up being much easier as a consequence of a more transparent design process.

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