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If I don’t own it, it’s not on me

I'm certain most people have been in this situation where an expectation is placed on us to run the show like it's our own. It's amazing when someone trusts you so much that they are willing to do that.

Unfortunately, more often than not this expectation is placed without its prerequisite which is at least a certain level of autonomy. In product this is usually manifested with realizations such as "team members are not looking at the product holistically", "no one is coming up with ideas", or "they are only executing, and no one is innovating".

Well, what can I say, no one wants that shitty deal. And the bigger the organization, the more of this there is.

My official stance on the matter was always: if my vote doesn't count and I am not empowered to make decisions, I cannot be held responsible for the outcomes.


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