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Designers + developers

We all know the narrative: designers and developers are opposing forces. The vision, and the implementation are always at odds with each other.

Bullshit. This is junior thinking.

The opportunities which are missed if designers and developers don't work together are astonishing.

  • There's more time and effort spent going back and forth, because there are more design iterations and code refactors before features are completed.
  • A non-trivial amount of time and energy is spent in meetings, arguing and fighting over who is right, and who gets their way.
  • All this in turn costs the organization money, and increases risk by delaying the moment the product hits the market.

This can all be alleviated if designers and developers find a way to include each other in their creative processes.

If designers and developers isolate each other from conversations that shape the product, it's likely that it won't reach its potential. You'll end up with a half-baked product, and a bunch of disgruntled people who won't be sticking around for long.

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