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This page serves as a list all of the interesting publications I enjoy. Some of them I have been reading for a long time, but some are brand new to me as well. I hope you will find some of them as interesting as I do.

Jason Kottke

I'm back on Kottke. To be honest I haven't been on his website in years, and the fact the he's still plowing along is nothing short of amazing to be honest. The man that has practically invented the link-blog, and the curator-style of self publishing is going stronger than ever.

The Verge

I always liked the design of The Verge, and I do enjoy reading about tech from time to time, so this is my destination for that type of content. News to no one, I know, but this is not something I spend a ton of time reading about.

Hacker News

Despite the heavy technical connotation, HN is a goldmine of interesting stuff. I love it.


I was never a big Pinterest user or fan, but it's just too good when you're doing any kind of research, be it design or otherwise. Its recommendation engine based off of the stuff you look at is downright scary (in a good way).

Andrew Bosworth aka Boz

I've been reading Boz for a couple of years now, and have learned a ton from his writing. I put his blog in the “understanding the world” category—i.e. his recent post On humility—, but I've also learned so much about how companies work from his post such as Operations.

Increment magazine

It's a publication on how to create software, but the interesting thing about it is that they publish it periodically, like a printed magazine would be published, and their issues have topics which they cover. In the latest issue they have covered the wicked problem concept (my post here) and how it exists in the world of software production.

The Daily Beast

Various topics, a bit tabloid-esque. Worth a scroll-through every now and then.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic covers a wide range of topics, and is worth checking out periodically. The design is very enjoyable as you can see.

Bon Appétit

I love cooking, and since cooking blogs are an abomination most of the time, I like to go here to look at pretty pictures of food, and pick up some tricks and ideas for cooking. Also, food-and-drink-related videos are like 50% of my YouTube history.

Strange Loop Cannon

This is actually a substack newsletter which you can read like a magazine, no need to subscribe.

I consider Arena to be one of the purest places on the internet these days. There's no algorithm, no suggestions, AI, ML, and other nonsense. Just cool people collecting cool shit.