Design briefs & project discovery

Because you are having a hard time framing design projects, and talking to designers.

Most often the main culprit for designer-stakeholder animosity lies in bad communication.

This malpractice often originates at the start of the relationship where the stakeholder is trying to describe the project as best as possible, while the designers are doing mental gymnastics trying to understand this whole new problem space you are talking about.

The problem is, stakeholders are rarely good at explaining—or better say pitching—design problems.

I will help you create a creative brief which you will be able to hand off to your in-house team, agencies, and freelancers.

This brief is the best way to communicate the intricacies of your project, which will yield the best response, questions, and estimates from the creatives you are looking to engage.

These briefs are ideal for

Digital products

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Growing in-house design

Because you need to kick-start, or scale design within your organization.
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Design leadership as a service

Because your design department is not a team, but a group of individuals.
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Design briefs & project discovery

Because you have a hard time figuring out, framing, and explaining projects.
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