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The Story.

It’s 2001 and I open up my first business: a skate shop which failed miserably after only a year, but fueled a desire to try and fail a bit less in the future.

Another two failed attempts at a college degree (sociology, and web design) later — and a realization that I am completely and hopelessly unemployable — I decided that school is for jerks. I start teaching myself how to design and build websites, something I was always interested in and dabbled with (MS FrontPage years, whatup).

Realizing that the only way to survive is to figure how to do things yourself, and then do those things better than others, I started blogging. Mostly about Web Standards and personal stuff. I soon started freelancing and in 2004 I picked up my first clients.

After a brief stint of full time employment I decided that it’s one of many things that are not for me. Running your own design shop is a much better idea. This fetish of proving things wrong is a fuel and a curse at the same time. Fun stuff, you should try it some time.

I start Superawesøme in 2007 as a one-man-show, and slowly start collaborating with freelancers on various projects. The “Hi, we are [this], and we do [that].” (image) big headline format of our first company site's home page garnered much attention across the web. I feel very proud for pioneering that, and to be ahead of the curve. And honestly just not sucking at something.

Around this time, one summer night I get a phone call from an HR lady from Facebook offering me a design position in their Palo Alto HQ (I attribute this solely to that first company website design’s success). I was really on the fence about this one as I had to make a choice between my own business which I just started, and go work for this soon-to-be-huge company. The deal fell through, and I never got to brag about turning down fucking Facebook. Back to the hustle for now.

It’s 2008 and the one-man-show thing is starting to get old. I get fat and do very few things that are not work-related. After a bit of a health scare, a reality-check sets in. Maybe it really is impossible to do everything yourself. Go figure…

I get a friend on board to run Superawesøme together with, and for the first time it feels like I’m not lying when I refer to our company as a “we”. Real office. Buying candy, drinks, and snacks on the company dime. That’s more like it!

It’s mid-2008, two guys knock on the door. They were programmers and have a project they want to work together on. We launch Plakatt which we couldn’t make a business out of. We couldn’t make a business out of a couple other things, either but good times were had.

After the good times, some bad times came. In 2011. I take the wheel of Superawesøme again as a single founder, only thing is we have an employee now. Which means serious responsibility and no more fucking around. Physical training becomes a big part of my life. I start eating meat again after being vegetarian for 10+ years.

2011–2013 were a fucking blur and a mess of anxiety, fear, with a mix of general loss of direction. I just keep staying busy so I don’t have time to think about the big picture stuff. This means that I think about the big picture stuff constantly.

It's really hard to find excitement and joy in client work. There are very few moments during this time that makes running Superawesøme worthwhile. I get serious about getting a product out and bet big that it’s our ticket out of the services industry.

In 2014 Superawesøme has 3 full time employees, a couple of contractors, and a new 100m2 office. For the first time we’re not sharing an office with anyone, something that we always enjoyed, but we felt it's time to go out on our own. After a long time client-work doesn’t feel like shit-work anymore, and it looks like we've gotten a hang of it.

It's 2015. and that big ticket hasn't paid off yet. But I'm working on it.